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  • Tibetan Silver Necklace Handmade - Himalayan Turquoise/Coral Necklace

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    This elegant large Necklace was handcrafted in Tibet, the home of exquisite jewelry craftsmanship. It was skillfully made with large natural Turquoise, each in a deep Tibetan Silver setting. and balance the design perfectly. It is accented by deep orange/red coral and Tibetan silver for an exquisite piece of striking jewelry! Turquoise is used virtually worldwide for jewelry making, and is highly prized for its brilliant colors, which vary from mine to mine. The distinctive webbing patterns and variations of color in the stones on this wonderful piece are typical of the natural Turquoise found throughout much of the Himalayan region, where Turquoise has been used in jewelry-making since centuries.

    • Pendant portion - 2 1/8" inches
    •  18" inch choker style
    • Material - Tibetan .925 silver, Himalayan turquoise/coral inlay with Tibetan silver beads (.925 silver)

    These pieces are designed and created by Nepalese artisans and each purchase helps to support the artists with a living wage. This is not cheap, knock-off jewelry!  I, myself, own several pieces by the same artisans and receive numerous compliments at each wearing. They make striking statement pieces!